Class Distributor

All Implemented Interfaces:
Predicate<HttpRequest>, HttpHandler, Routable, HasReadyState
Direct Known Subclasses:
LocalDistributor, RemoteDistributor

public abstract class Distributor extends Object implements HasReadyState, Predicate<HttpRequest>, Routable
Responsible for being the central place where the Nodes on which Sessions run are determined.

This class responds to the following URLs:

Verb URL Template Meaning
POST /session This is exactly the same as the New Session command from the WebDriver spec.
POST /se/grid/distributor/node Adds a new Node to this distributor. Please read the javadocs for Node for how the Node should be serialized.
DELETE /se/grid/distributor/node/{nodeId} Remove the Node identified by nodeId from this distributor. It is expected that any sessions running on the Node are allowed to complete: this simply means that no new sessions will be scheduled on this Node.