Class Node

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    HttpHandler, Routable, HasReadyState
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    LocalNode, RemoteNode

    public abstract class Node
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements HasReadyState, Routable
    A place where individual webdriver sessions are running. Those sessions may be in-memory, or only reachable via localhost and a network. Or they could be something else entirely.

    This class responds to the following URLs:

    Verb URL Template Meaning
    POST /se/grid/node/session Attempts to start a new session for the given node. The posted data should be a json-serialized Capabilities instance. Returns a serialized Session. Subclasses of Node are expected to register the session with the SessionMap.
    GET /se/grid/node/session/{sessionId} Finds the Session identified by sessionId and returns the JSON-serialized form.
    DELETE /se/grid/node/session/{sessionId} Stops the Session identified by sessionId. It is expected that this will also cause the session to removed from the SessionMap.
    GET /se/grid/node/owner/{sessionId} Allows the node to be queried about whether or not it owns the Session identified by sessionId. This returns a boolean.
    * /session/{sessionId}/* The request is forwarded to the Session identified by sessionId. When the Quit command is called, the Session should remove itself from the SessionMap.