Class FirefoxProfile


public class FirefoxProfile extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • FirefoxProfile

      public FirefoxProfile()
    • FirefoxProfile

      public FirefoxProfile(File profileDir)
      Constructs a firefox profile from an existing profile directory.

      Users who need this functionality should consider using a named profile.

      profileDir - The profile directory to use as a model.
  • Method Details

    • fromJson

      public static FirefoxProfile fromJson(String json) throws IOException
    • getStringPreference

      public String getStringPreference(String key, String defaultValue)
    • getIntegerPreference

      public int getIntegerPreference(String key, int defaultValue)
    • getBooleanPreference

      public boolean getBooleanPreference(String key, boolean defaultValue)
    • containsWebDriverExtension

      public boolean containsWebDriverExtension()
    • addExtension

      public void addExtension(Class<?> loadResourcesUsing, String loadFrom)
    • addExtension

      public void addExtension(File extensionToInstall)
      Attempt to add an extension to install into this instance.
      extensionToInstall - File pointing to the extension
    • addExtension

      public void addExtension(String key, Extension extension)
    • setPreference

      public void setPreference(String key, Object value)
    • getAdditionalPreferences

      protected org.openqa.selenium.firefox.Preferences getAdditionalPreferences()
    • updateUserPrefs

      public void updateUserPrefs(File userPrefs)
    • deleteLockFiles

      protected void deleteLockFiles(File profileDir)
    • deleteExtensionsCacheIfItExists

      public void deleteExtensionsCacheIfItExists(File profileDir)
    • shouldLoadNoFocusLib

      public boolean shouldLoadNoFocusLib()
      Returns whether the no focus library should be loaded for Firefox profiles launched on Linux, even if native events are disabled.
      Whether the no focus library should always be loaded for Firefox on Linux.
    • setAlwaysLoadNoFocusLib

      public void setAlwaysLoadNoFocusLib(boolean loadNoFocusLib)
      Sets whether the no focus library should always be loaded on Linux.
      loadNoFocusLib - Whether to always load the no focus library.
    • setAcceptUntrustedCertificates

      public void setAcceptUntrustedCertificates(boolean acceptUntrustedSsl)
      Sets whether Firefox should accept SSL certificates which have expired, signed by an unknown authority or are generally untrusted. This is set to true by default.
      acceptUntrustedSsl - Whether untrusted SSL certificates should be accepted.
    • setAssumeUntrustedCertificateIssuer

      public void setAssumeUntrustedCertificateIssuer(boolean untrustedIssuer)
      By default, when accepting untrusted SSL certificates, assume that these certificates will come from an untrusted issuer or will be self signed. Due to limitation within Firefox, it is easy to find out if the certificate has expired or does not match the host it was served for, but hard to find out if the issuer of the certificate is untrusted.

      By default, it is assumed that the certificates were not be issued from a trusted CA.

      If you are receive an "untrusted site" prompt on Firefox when using a certificate that was issued by valid issuer, but has expired or is being served served for a different host (e.g. production certificate served in a testing environment) set this to false.

      untrustedIssuer - whether to assume untrusted issuer or not.
    • clean

      public void clean(File profileDir)
    • cleanTemporaryModel

      public void cleanTemporaryModel()
    • layoutOnDisk

      public File layoutOnDisk()
      Call this to cause the current profile to be written to disk. The profile directory is returned. Note that this profile directory is a temporary one and will be deleted when the JVM exists (at the latest)

      This method should be called immediately before starting to use the profile and should only be called once per instance of the FirefoxDriver.

      The directory containing the profile.
    • copyModel

      protected void copyModel(File sourceDir, File profileDir) throws IOException
    • installExtensions

      protected void installExtensions(File parentDir) throws IOException