Class SeleniumManager


@Beta public class SeleniumManager extends Object
This implementation is still in beta, and may change.

The Selenium-Manager binaries are distributed in a JAR file (org.openqa.selenium:selenium-manager) for the Java binding language. Since these binaries are compressed within these JAR, we need to serialize the proper binary for the current platform (Windows, macOS, or Linux) as an executable file. To implement this we use a singleton pattern, since this way, we have a single instance in the JVM, and we reuse the resulting binary for all the calls to the Selenium Manager singleton during all the Java process lifetime, deleting the binary (stored as a local temporal file) on runtime shutdown.

  • Method Details

    • getInstance

      public static SeleniumManager getInstance()
    • getDriverPath

      public SeleniumManagerOutput.Result getDriverPath(Capabilities options, boolean offline)
      Determines the location of the correct driver.
      options - Browser Options instance.
      the location of the driver.