RemoteConnection(remote_server_addr, …) A connection with the Remote WebDriver server.
class selenium.webdriver.remote.remote_connection.RemoteConnection(remote_server_addr: str, keep_alive: bool = False, ignore_proxy: bool = False)[source]

A connection with the Remote WebDriver server.

Communicates with the server using the WebDriver wire protocol:

browser_name = None

Clean up resources when finished with the remote_connection.

execute(command, params)[source]

Send a command to the remote server.

Any path substitutions required for the URL mapped to the command should be included in the command parameters.

  • command - A string specifying the command to execute.
  • params - A dictionary of named parameters to send with the command as its JSON payload.
classmethod get_certificate_bundle_path()[source]

Paths of the .pem encoded certificate to verify connection to command executor. Defaults to certifi.where() or REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE env variable if set.

classmethod get_remote_connection_headers(parsed_url, keep_alive=False)[source]

Get headers for remote request.

  • parsed_url - The parsed url
  • keep_alive (Boolean) - Is this a keep-alive connection (default: False)
classmethod get_timeout()[source]

Timeout value in seconds for all http requests made to the Remote Connection

classmethod reset_timeout()[source]

Reset the http request timeout to socket._GLOBAL_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT.

classmethod set_certificate_bundle_path(path)[source]

Set the path to the certificate bundle to verify connection to command executor. Can also be set to None to disable certificate validation.

  • path - path of a .pem encoded certificate chain.
classmethod set_timeout(timeout)[source]

Override the default timeout.

  • timeout - timeout value for http requests in seconds