class selenium.webdriver.phantomjs.webdriver.WebDriver(executable_path='phantomjs', port=0, desired_capabilities={'browserName': 'phantomjs', 'version': '', 'platform': 'ANY', 'javascriptEnabled': True}, service_args=None, service_log_path=None)[source]

Wrapper to communicate with PhantomJS through Ghostdriver.

You will need to follow all the directions here:

Creates a new instance of the PhantomJS / Ghostdriver.

Starts the service and then creates new instance of the driver.

Args :
  • executable_path - path to the executable. If the default is used it assumes the executable is in the $PATH
  • port - port you would like the service to run, if left as 0, a free port will be found.
  • desired_capabilities: Dictionary object with non-browser specific capabilities only, such as “proxy” or “loggingPref”.
  • service_args : A List of command line arguments to pass to PhantomJS
  • service_log_path: Path for phantomjs service to log to.

Closes the browser and shuts down the PhantomJS executable that is started when starting the PhantomJS

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