Service(executable_path, port, service_args, …) A Service class that is responsible for the starting and stopping of geckodriver.
class selenium.webdriver.firefox.service.Service(executable_path: str = None, port: int = 0, service_args: Optional[List[str]] = None, log_output: Union[int, str, IO[Any]] = None, env: Optional[Mapping[str, str]] = None, **kwargs)[source]

A Service class that is responsible for the starting and stopping of geckodriver.

  • executable_path – install path of the geckodriver executable, defaults to geckodriver.
  • port – Port for the service to run on, defaults to 0 where the operating system will decide.
  • service_args – (Optional) List of args to be passed to the subprocess when launching the executable.
  • log_output – (Optional) int representation of STDOUT/DEVNULL, any IO instance or String path to file.
  • env – (Optional) Mapping of environment variables for the new process, defaults to os.environ.
assert_process_still_running() → None[source]

Check if the underlying process is still running.

command_line_args() → List[str][source]

A List of program arguments (excluding the executable).

is_connectable() → bool[source]

Establishes a socket connection to determine if the service running on the port is accessible.

send_remote_shutdown_command() → None[source]

Dispatch an HTTP request to the shutdown endpoint for the service in an attempt to stop it.


Gets the url of the Service.

start() → None[source]

Starts the Service.

  • WebDriverException : Raised either when it can’t start the service or when it can’t connect to the service
stop() → None[source]

Stops the service.