Exceptions that may happen in all the webdriver code.


ElementClickInterceptedException([msg, ...])

The Element Click command could not be completed because the element receiving the events is obscuring the element that was requested to be clicked.

ElementNotInteractableException([msg, ...])

Thrown when an element is present in the DOM but interactions with that element will hit another element due to paint order

ElementNotSelectableException([msg, screen, ...])

Thrown when trying to select an unselectable element.

ElementNotVisibleException([msg, screen, ...])

Thrown when an element is present on the DOM, but it is not visible, and so is not able to be interacted with.

ImeActivationFailedException([msg, screen, ...])

Thrown when activating an IME engine has failed.

ImeNotAvailableException([msg, screen, ...])

Thrown when IME support is not available.

InsecureCertificateException([msg, screen, ...])

Navigation caused the user agent to hit a certificate warning, which is usually the result of an expired or invalid TLS certificate.

InvalidArgumentException([msg, screen, ...])

The arguments passed to a command are either invalid or malformed.

InvalidCookieDomainException([msg, screen, ...])

Thrown when attempting to add a cookie under a different domain than the current URL.

InvalidCoordinatesException([msg, screen, ...])

The coordinates provided to an interaction's operation are invalid.

InvalidElementStateException([msg, screen, ...])

Thrown when a command could not be completed because the element is in an invalid state.

InvalidSelectorException([msg, screen, ...])

Thrown when the selector which is used to find an element does not return a WebElement.

InvalidSessionIdException([msg, screen, ...])

Occurs if the given session id is not in the list of active sessions, meaning the session either does not exist or that it's not active.

InvalidSwitchToTargetException([msg, ...])

Thrown when frame or window target to be switched doesn't exist.

JavascriptException([msg, screen, stacktrace])

An error occurred while executing JavaScript supplied by the user.

MoveTargetOutOfBoundsException([msg, ...])

Thrown when the target provided to the ActionsChains move() method is invalid, i.e. out of document.

NoAlertPresentException([msg, screen, ...])

Thrown when switching to no presented alert.

NoSuchAttributeException([msg, screen, ...])

Thrown when the attribute of element could not be found.

NoSuchCookieException([msg, screen, stacktrace])

No cookie matching the given path name was found amongst the associated cookies of the current browsing context's active document.

NoSuchElementException([msg, screen, stacktrace])

Thrown when element could not be found.

NoSuchFrameException([msg, screen, stacktrace])

Thrown when frame target to be switched doesn't exist.

NoSuchShadowRootException([msg, screen, ...])

Thrown when trying to access the shadow root of an element when it does not have a shadow root attached.

NoSuchWindowException([msg, screen, stacktrace])

Thrown when window target to be switched doesn't exist.

RemoteDriverServerException([msg, screen, ...])

ScreenshotException([msg, screen, stacktrace])

A screen capture was made impossible.

SessionNotCreatedException([msg, screen, ...])

A new session could not be created.

StaleElementReferenceException([msg, ...])

Thrown when a reference to an element is now "stale".

TimeoutException([msg, screen, stacktrace])

Thrown when a command does not complete in enough time.

UnableToSetCookieException([msg, screen, ...])

Thrown when a driver fails to set a cookie.

UnexpectedAlertPresentException([msg, ...])

Thrown when an unexpected alert has appeared.

UnexpectedTagNameException([msg, screen, ...])

Thrown when a support class did not get an expected web element.

UnknownMethodException([msg, screen, stacktrace])

The requested command matched a known URL but did not match any methods for that URL.

WebDriverException([msg, screen, stacktrace])

Base webdriver exception.