Source code for selenium.webdriver.common.alert

# Licensed to the Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC) under one
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# under the License.
"""The Alert implementation."""

from selenium.webdriver.common.utils import keys_to_typing
from selenium.webdriver.remote.command import Command

[docs]class Alert: """Allows to work with alerts. Use this class to interact with alert prompts. It contains methods for dismissing, accepting, inputting, and getting text from alert prompts. Accepting / Dismissing alert prompts:: Alert(driver).accept() Alert(driver).dismiss() Inputting a value into an alert prompt:: name_prompt = Alert(driver) name_prompt.send_keys("Willian Shakesphere") name_prompt.accept() Reading a the text of a prompt for verification:: alert_text = Alert(driver).text self.assertEqual("Do you wish to quit?", alert_text) """ def __init__(self, driver) -> None: """Creates a new Alert. :Args: - driver: The WebDriver instance which performs user actions. """ self.driver = driver @property def text(self) -> str: """Gets the text of the Alert.""" return self.driver.execute(Command.W3C_GET_ALERT_TEXT)["value"]
[docs] def dismiss(self) -> None: """Dismisses the alert available.""" self.driver.execute(Command.W3C_DISMISS_ALERT)
[docs] def accept(self) -> None: """Accepts the alert available. :Usage: :: Alert(driver).accept() # Confirm a alert dialog. """ self.driver.execute(Command.W3C_ACCEPT_ALERT)
[docs] def send_keys(self, keysToSend: str) -> None: """Send Keys to the Alert. :Args: - keysToSend: The text to be sent to Alert. """ self.driver.execute(Command.W3C_SET_ALERT_VALUE, {"value": keys_to_typing(keysToSend), "text": keysToSend})