Class NetworkUtils


public class NetworkUtils extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • NetworkUtils

      public NetworkUtils()
  • Method Details

    • getHostname

      public String getHostname()
      Makes a best-effort attempt to figure out an externally addressable name for this host, falling back to a local connection only. This may be a hostname, an IPv4 address, an IPv6 address, or (as a last resort) localhost.
    • getHostAddress

      public String getHostAddress()
    • getPrivateLocalAddress

      public String getPrivateLocalAddress()
    • getNonLoopbackAddressOfThisMachine

      public String getNonLoopbackAddressOfThisMachine()
      Used by the mobile emulators that refuse to access localhost or The IP4/IP6 requirements of this method are as-of-yet unspecified, but we return the string that is associated with the IP4 interface
      A String representing the host name or non-loopback IP4 address of this machine.
    • getIp4NonLoopbackAddressOfThisMachine

      public InetAddress getIp4NonLoopbackAddressOfThisMachine()
      Returns a non-loopback IP4 hostname of the local host.
      A string hostName
    • obtainLoopbackIp4Address

      public String obtainLoopbackIp4Address()
      Returns a single address that is guaranteed to resolve to an ipv4 representation of localhost This may either be a hostname or an ip address, depending if we can guarantee what that the hostname will resolve to ip4.
      The address part og such an address
    • getIpOfLoopBackIp4

      public String getIpOfLoopBackIp4()
    • getNetWorkDiags

      public static String getNetWorkDiags()