Interface EphemeralPortRangeDetector

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    FixedIANAPortRange, LinuxEphemeralPortRangeDetector, OlderWindowsVersionEphemeralPortDetector

    public interface EphemeralPortRangeDetector
    Identifies the ephemeral port range for a given environment. When trying to locate a "random" free port, it is important to not allocate within the ephemeral range, since these can be allocated at any time, and the probability of race conditions increases as the number of recently used ports increases, something which is quite common when running the webdriver tests.
    • Method Detail

      • getLowestEphemeralPort

        int getLowestEphemeralPort()
        Returns the first port in the ephemeral range
        The first ephemeral port
      • getHighestEphemeralPort

        int getHighestEphemeralPort()
        Returns the last port that could be searched for free ports
        The first port that may be free