Class NodeFlags

All Implemented Interfaces:

@AutoService(HasRoles.class) public class NodeFlags extends Object implements HasRoles
  • Field Details

    • maxSessions

      public int maxSessions
    • overrideMaxSessions

      public Boolean overrideMaxSessions
    • sessionTimeout

      public int sessionTimeout
    • autoconfigure

      public Boolean autoconfigure
    • useSeleniumManager

      public Boolean useSeleniumManager
    • driverNames

      public Set<String> driverNames
    • driverFactory2Config

      public List<String> driverFactory2Config
    • gridUri

      public String gridUri
    • hub

      public String hub
    • driverConfiguration

      public List<String> driverConfiguration
    • registerCycle

      public int registerCycle
    • registerPeriod

      public int registerPeriod
    • heartbeatPeriod

      public int heartbeatPeriod
    • vncEnvVar

      public String vncEnvVar
    • noVncPort

      public int noVncPort
    • drainAfterSessionCount

      public int drainAfterSessionCount
    • enableCdp

      public Boolean enableCdp
    • enableBiDi

      public Boolean enableBiDi
    • managedDownloadsEnabled

      public Boolean managedDownloadsEnabled
  • Constructor Details

    • NodeFlags

      public NodeFlags()
  • Method Details

    • getRoles

      public Set<Role> getRoles()
      Description copied from interface: HasRoles
      Obtains the set of commands that this set of flags applies to. Examples include things like "distributor", "session-map". Maps to CliCommand.getName()
      Specified by:
      getRoles in interface HasRoles