Class ConfigFlags

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    public class ConfigFlags
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements HasRoles
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      boolean dumpConfig​(Config config, dumpTo)  
      boolean dumpConfigHelp​(Config config, java.util.Set<Role> currentRoles, dumpTo)  
      java.util.Set<Role> getRoles()
      Obtains the set of commands that this set of flags applies to.
      Config readConfigFiles()  
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      • ConfigFlags

        public ConfigFlags()
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      • getRoles

        public java.util.Set<Role> getRoles()
        Description copied from interface: HasRoles
        Obtains the set of commands that this set of flags applies to. Examples include things like "distributor", "session-map". Maps to CliCommand.getName()
        Specified by:
        getRoles in interface HasRoles
      • readConfigFiles

        public Config readConfigFiles()
      • dumpConfig

        public boolean dumpConfig​(Config config,
      • dumpConfigHelp

        public boolean dumpConfigHelp​(Config config,
                                      java.util.Set<Role> currentRoles,