Interface FederatedCredentialManagementDialog

public interface FederatedCredentialManagementDialog
Represents an open dialog of the Federated Credential Management API.
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  • Method Details

    • cancelDialog

      void cancelDialog()
      Closes the dialog as if the user had clicked X.
    • selectAccount

      void selectAccount(int index)
      Selects an account as if the user had clicked on it.
      index - The index of the account to select from the list returned by getAccounts().
    • getDialogType

      String getDialogType()
      Returns the type of the open dialog.


    • getTitle

      String getTitle()
      Returns the title of the dialog.
    • getSubtitle

      String getSubtitle()
      Returns the subtitle of the dialog or null if none.
    • getAccounts

      Returns the accounts shown in the account chooser.

      If this is an auto reauth dialog, returns the single account that is being signed in.