IWebElement InterfaceWebDriver
Defines the interface through which the user controls elements on the page.

Namespace: OpenQA.Selenium
Assembly: WebDriver (in WebDriver.dll) Version: 3.1.0

public interface IWebElement : ISearchContext

The IWebElement type exposes the following members.


Public propertyDisplayed
Gets a value indicating whether or not this element is displayed.
Public propertyEnabled
Gets a value indicating whether or not this element is enabled.
Public propertyLocation
Gets a Point object containing the coordinates of the upper-left corner of this element relative to the upper-left corner of the page.
Public propertySelected
Gets a value indicating whether or not this element is selected.
Public propertySize
Gets a Size object containing the height and width of this element.
Public propertyTagName
Gets the tag name of this element.
Public propertyText
Gets the innerText of this element, without any leading or trailing whitespace, and with other whitespace collapsed.

Public methodClear
Clears the content of this element.
Public methodClick
Clicks this element.
Public methodFindElement
Finds the first IWebElement using the given method.
(Inherited from ISearchContext.)
Public methodFindElements
Finds all IWebElements within the current context using the given mechanism.
(Inherited from ISearchContext.)
Public methodGetAttribute
Gets the value of the specified attribute for this element.
Public methodGetCssValue
Gets the value of a CSS property of this element.
Public methodSendKeys
Simulates typing text into the element.
Public methodSubmit
Submits this element to the web server.

The IWebElement interface represents an HTML element. Generally, all interesting operations to do with interacting with a page will be performed through this interface.
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