OpenQA.Selenium.Support.UI NamespaceWebDriver

Public classDefaultWaitT
Public classCode exampleExpectedConditions
Supplies a set of common conditions that can be waited for using WebDriverWait.
Public classCode exampleLoadableComponentT
Represents any abstraction of something that can be loaded. This may be an entire web page, or simply a component within that page (such as a login box or menu) or even a service.
Public classLoadableComponentException
Public classCode examplePopupWindowFinder
Provides a mechanism by which the window handle of an invoked popup browser window may be determined.
Public classSelectElement
Provides a convenience method for manipulating selections of options in an HTML select element.
Public classSlowLoadableComponentT
A LoadableComponentT which might not have finished loading when Load() returns. After a call to Load(), the IsLoaded property should continue to return false until the component has fully loaded. Use the HandleErrors() method to check for error conditions which caused the Load() to fail.

            new SlowHypotheticalComponent().Load();

Public classSystemClock
Uses the system clock to calculate time for timeouts.
Public classUnexpectedTagNameException
The exception thrown when using the Select class on a tag that does not support the HTML select element's selection semantics.
Public classCode exampleWebDriverWait
Provides the ability to wait for an arbitrary condition during test execution.

Public interfaceIClock
An interface describing time handling functions for timeouts.
Public interfaceCode exampleILoadableComponent
Interface allows for the component to be used in Nested Component scenarios such that the child component class does not have to declare the generic type of the parent explicitly.
Public interfaceIWaitT
Interface describing a class designed to wait for a condition.