OpenQA.Selenium.Firefox NamespaceWebDriver

Public classFirefoxBinary
Represents the binary associated with Firefox.
Public classCode exampleFirefoxDriver
Provides a way to access Firefox to run tests.
Public classFirefoxDriverCommandExecutor
Provides a way of executing Commands using the FirefoxDriver.
Public classFirefoxDriverServer
Provides methods for launching Firefox with the WebDriver extension installed.
Public classFirefoxDriverService
Exposes the service provided by the native FirefoxDriver executable.
Public classFirefoxExtension
Provides the ability to install extensions into a FirefoxProfile.
Public classCode exampleFirefoxOptions
Class to manage options specific to FirefoxDriver
Public classFirefoxProfile
Provides the ability to edit the preferences associated with a Firefox profile.
Public classFirefoxProfileManager
Allows the user to enumerate and access existing named Firefox profiles.
Public classFirefoxWebElement
Allows the user to control elements on a page in Firefox.

Public enumerationFirefoxDriverLogLevel
Represents the valid values of logging levels available with the Firefox driver (geckodriver.exe).