ISeleniumKeyUpNative Method WebDriver
Simulates a user releasing a key by sending a native operating system keystroke. This function uses the java.awt.Robot class to send a keystroke; this more accurately simulates typing a key on the keyboard. It does not honor settings from the shiftKeyDown, controlKeyDown, altKeyDown and metaKeyDown commands, and does not target any particular HTML element. To send a keystroke to a particular element, focus on the element first before running this command.

Namespace: Selenium
Assembly: ThoughtWorks.Selenium.Core (in ThoughtWorks.Selenium.Core.dll) Version: 3.1.0

void KeyUpNative(
	string keycode


Type: SystemString
an integer keycode number corresponding to a java.awt.event.KeyEvent; note that Java keycodes are NOT the same thing as JavaScript keycodes!
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