Project Structure and Governance

The Selenium Project is formed by a community of users and Open Source contributors who develop, use and promote the different Selenium projects (IDE, Grid, WebDriver) and other related activities, with the end goal of benefiting the community as a whole.

The Selenium Project wants as much as possible to operate using procedures that are fair, open, inviting, and ultimately good for the community. We want to make sure that no matter who you are, you have the opportunity to contribute to Selenium.

This page provides some links to pages describing the project structure and its governance.


Governance Document - overview of the project’s governance model, philosophy, project roles, decision making process, etc.


Project Leadership Committee - the overall continuity and future of the project is overseen by this group

Technical Leadership Committee - technical decisions and roadmap of the Selenium project are governed by this group

Selenium IDE Committers

Selenium Committers

Selenium Website & Docs Committers

Selenium Website & Docs Translators

Docker Selenium Committers

Selenium Triagers

Leadership Committee Meetings

Records of public meetings by leadership committee.