TLC Meeting - August 17, 2022

Meetings are happening on the #selenium-tlc channel on Selenium Slack.


  • Ticket Status
  • CDP support
  • Membership Updates
  • PLC status update
  • Proposals
  • Selenium 4.5
  • Projects Underway
  • Backlog


TLC members present included:

Ticket Status

  • 85 open Issues (15 fewer than last meeting)
  • 18 outstanding PRs (2 more than last meeting)

CDP support

v105 is scheduled for August 30.

Membership Updates

None this meeting

PLC status update

  • PLC and SFC met to talk about the relationship between SFC and SeleniumHQ, and the possibility of Selenium moving to another foundation. More internal discussion is planned now that PLC is being more active.
  • Berlin Test Automation Summit is next week. Planning seems to be going well, however we need a more clear agenda for Wednesday and Thursday.
    • Wednesday will be an official WebDriver BiDi working group session with browser vendors to talk about how to implement new functionality in Selenium.
    • Thursday is for maintainers of WebDriver based frameworks to meet with Selenium devs to discuss ways to improve collaboration going forward.
    • Friday is for invited applicants to join maintainers to work on code.
  • Chicago Conference Status Committee is prepping Call for Papers; a placeholder exists on the site.


  • Selenium Manager — It was agreed that Boni would start development based on direction outlined in document; he will update us when he has something to demo
  • IE Mode in Edge Issue #10729 — It was agreed that we would not update Selenium bindings code and would rely on IE Driver updates in PR #10938; expecting Microsoft to review the code in early September. The IE Driver changes will default to using Edge in IE Mode if IE redirects to Edge on the system by default, and if ie.edgechromium is set to true, the driver will automatically locate Edge without the user needing to specify the location.
  • InvalidSelectorException should not extend NoSuchElementException Issue #10833 — it was agreed this was likely a good idea, and that while it breaks backwards compatibility, it probably won’t be an issue in people’s code unless they are doing something that is probably a bad idea, anyway. We need to write a blog post about this change if we do it.
  • Actions class updates Issue #10729 — it was agreed to implement proposals 1 and 2 for now.

Selenium 4.5

Mentioned we would like to release the week of August 29, but need a better plan for what will be included.

Projects in Progress

Did not get to this item in agenda


Did not get to this item in agenda