Getting Involved

Selenium is certainly a team effort! There are several ways you can help out, whether you’re a programmer, designer, QA engineer, writer, project manager, or just willing to help. If you’re interested in helping, the best way to connect with us is at the Selenium Developers Group. We’ll work with you to get you set up to contribute.

You can help by...

Answering Questions in the User Group

We get a lot of questions and we have a great community to help answer them. If you could register and log into the user group to answer a question or two, that would be great! There are often some very basic questions that are easy to answer.

Writing Documentation

For the most part, our documentation is held in source control for the main website. The main documentation is in plain text so use your favorite editor offline to edit the pages. The source for this main site is here and if you are familiar with Git you should be able to bring it down to your local system for offline editing.

Submitting Documentation “Bugs”

If you find an error in our documentation, either a “typo” or inaccurate information. Please let us know. You can submit these in our bug tracker.

Updating our Website

We have a lot of out-of-date information that needs to be tidied up on the site! Help by writing documentation, producing helpful diagrams, re-skinning the website, or organizing content.

You can get started on working with the website by following the instructions on our contributing section.

Feel free to post questions on the Selenium Developers Group.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

If you run into a problem with Selenium, feel free to file a bug report about it on our Bug Tracker. Similarly, if you have an idea for a feature you’d like to see in a future version, report that as well.

Also, we would love help going through the bug reports and adding comments (which automatically get sent to the reporter) for cases where advice is all that is needed.


Although these templates help the clear structuring of an issue, please keep in mind that bugs have to be reproducible and feature / change requests have to be understandable!

Contributing Code to Selenium

Much of the magic behind Selenium is the hard work of programmers with backgrounds in Javascript, Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, Perl, C#, HTML and other languages.

We encourage code patches and other contributions - get involved by following the contribution guidelines. The Selenium project's source can be found at

If you do supply a patch, we will need you to sign the CLA. We are a part of Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC)

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