Over the last decade, a large ecosystem of Open Source projects have sprouted up around Selenium. This page attempts to capture some of those projects that make use of Selenium WebDriver as a central part of what they do.

Selenium can be extended in different ways. Here are a number of drivers, bindings, plugins, and frameworks created and maintained by third parties.

Please note that these projects are not supported, maintained, hosted, or endorsed by the Selenium project. In addition, be advised that the projects listed below are not necessarily licensed under the Apache License v.2.0. Some of the projects are available under another free and open source software license; others are only available under a proprietary license. Any questions about projects and their license of distribution need to be raised with their respective developer(s).

Browser Drivers

BrowserReleasesChange logIssue tracker
Google ChromeDriverReleases LinkChange logIssue tracker
Microsoft Edge DriverReleases LinkChange logIssue tracker
Mozilla GeckoDriverReleases LinkChange logIssue tracker
Opera ChromiumDriverReleases LinkChange logIssue tracker
Apple SafariDriverReleases LinkChange logIssue tracker

Language Bindings

SeleniumGoMiki Tebeka
hs-webdriverHaskellAdam Curtis
wdJavaScriptAdam Christian
Selenium-Remote-DriverPerlGeorge S. Baugh
php-webdriverPHPFacebook, community


Programming languages are supported through Selenium drivers.
These are libraries made for each language that expose commands from the Selenium API natively in the form of methods/functions.

Selenium is often used for automating web applications for testing purposes, but it does not include a testing framework.
Some testing frameworks that can be used with Selenium are listed below.

CapybaraRubyThomas Walpole
CodeceptJSJavaScriptMichael Bodnarchuk
HeliumPythonMichael Herrmann
NerodiaPythonLucas Tierney
QAFJavaChirag Jayswal
SeleniumBasePythonMichael Mintz
WatirRubyTitus Fortner
WebDriverIOJavaScriptChristian Bromann
Nightwatch.jsJavaScriptAndrei Rusu

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