Below is where you can find the latest releases of all the Selenium components.

You can also find a list of previous releases, source code, and additional information for Maven users.

Selenium Server (Grid)

The Selenium Server is needed in order to run Remote Selenium WebDriver (Grid).

Latest stable version 4.9.1

To use the Selenium Server in a Grid configuration see the documentation.

The Internet Explorer Driver Server

This is required if you want to make use of the latest and greatest features of the WebDriver InternetExplorerDriver.

Please make sure that this is available on your %PATH% in order for the IE Driver to work as expected.

Download version for:

32 bit Windows IE (recommended)

64 bit Windows IE


Selenium Clients and WebDriver Language Bindings

In order to create scripts that interact with the Selenium Server (Remote WebDriver) or create local Selenium WebDriver scripts, you need to make use of language-specific client drivers.

While language bindings for other languages exist, these are the core ones that are supported by the main project hosted on GitHub.

C# NuGet

Nuget latest release is 4.9.1. Released on May 08, 2023.

Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE is a Chrome, Firefox and Edge plugin which records and plays back user interactions with the browser. Use this to either create simple scripts or assist in exploratory testing.

Download latest released version for Chrome or Firefox or Edge. View the Release Notes.

Download previous IDE versions.

Previous Releases

Here you can find a more complete list of Selenium releases.

Maven Information

If you're using Maven or Gradle, you will find more information on MVNRepository. When the most recent version of Selenium is not there yet, you can also check the Selenium Maven repository.


Over the last decade, a large ecosystem of Open Source projects have sprouted up around Selenium. Check them out at the Ecosystem page.

Platforms Supported by Selenium



GeckoDriver is implemented and supported by Mozilla, refer to their documentation for supported versions.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

Only version 11 is supported, and it requires additional configuration.



SafariDriver is supported directly by Apple, for more information, check their documentation



OperaDriver is supported by Opera Software, refer to their documentation for supported versions.



ChromeDriver is supported by the Chromium project, please refer to their documentation for any compatibility information.



Microsoft is implementing and maintaining the Microsoft Edge WebDriver, please refer to their documentation for any compatibility information.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows

Most versions of MS Windows that are currently still supported by Microsoft should work with Selenium. Although we use the latest MS Windows to troubleshoot things, it does not mean Selenium won't attempt to support different versions of Windows. This only means we don't continually run tests on other particular version of Windows.

Apple macOS


We currently do not use any version of macOS in our automated tests against the Selenium project. However most developers on the project are using a recent version of macOS and we'll continue to support the current stable release and often the previous release.



We test mainly on Ubuntu, but other variations of Linux should also work where the browser manufacturers support them.

Source Code

You can also find a list of the Selenium source code at our GitHub repository.