WebDriver drives a browser natively, learn more about it.

WebDriver drives a browser natively, as a user would, either locally or on a remote machine using the Selenium server, marks a leap forward in terms of browser automation.

Selenium WebDriver refers to both the language bindings and the implementations of the individual browser controlling code. This is commonly referred to as just WebDriver.

Selenium WebDriver is a W3C Recommendation

  • WebDriver is designed as a simple and more concise programming interface.

  • WebDriver is a compact object-oriented API.

  • It drives the browser effectively.

Getting started

If you are new to Selenium, we have a few resources that can help you get up to speed right away.

WebDriver Capabilities


Web elements

Identifying and working with element objects in the DOM.

Remote WebDriver

Configuring driver parameters


Actions API

A low-level interface for providing virtualised device input to the web browser.

BiDirectional functionality

Additional features

Set of packages and functionalities to simplify automation with Selenium.