Selenium 2.0 Team

This is who you can blame for the Selenium 2 release.

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If you’ve ever wondered who to thank (or blame!) for Selenium, then you’ve come to the right place. This page introduces you to the contributors and shows you what they’re working on.

SimonStewart: Original WebDriver developer and leading the Selenium 2 effort. He works mainly with Java and can be seen all over the code base, patching holes and adding features. By day he works as a Software Engineer in Test at Google. By night, he hacks on the crazy fun build grammar.

Julian Harty: Dabbled with WebDriver since 2007 mainly finding ways to make the code real and useful by testing it, and by documenting it. Currently working at eBay to find ways to make software testing more efficient and effective. He’s also involved in various open source initiatives, accessibility software, and writing material. Search for “Julian Harty” in your favorite search engine to track down his public work.

Jari Bakken: Has been working on WebDriver since late 2009, developed and now maintaining all things Ruby. Lead developer of Celerity and watir-webdriver and a committer on the Watir project. Day job is as a test engineer for classified ads website, and by night I try to make use of my degree in jazz guitar.

David Burns: Has been working with Selenium 1 for about 4 years and with WebDriver since the beginning of 2010 and now maintaining the .NET and Python bindings. Senior Software Engineer in Test at Mozilla helping lead the Test Automation on Web propjects from within WebQA.

Anthony Long: Has been working with Selenium since 2008, and is currently working to improve the Selenium Python bindings. Anthony is the organizer of Quality Assurance and author of numerous python modules for use in the Quality Assurance field. He has used selenium extensively as a QA Lead at HUGE and most recently and currently, at AdMeld.

Jim Evans: Started working with the WebDriver and Selenium since the end of 2009, working mostly on the .NET bindings. His test automation experience includes 12 years at Microsoft, and has worked for the past 7 years as a Senior QA Engineer at Numara Software. When he’s not hacking code, he enjoys spending time with his family and performing as a singer and songwriter.

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