Snapshot of Roadmaps for Selenium Releases

The list of plans and things to accomplish before a release

Preparation for Selenium 2

Date unknown This documentation previously located on the wiki

The following issues need to be resolved before the final release:

IssueSummaryHtmlUnitDriver ProgressFirefoxDriver ProgressInternetExplorerDriver ProgressChromeDriver Progress
27Handle alerts in Javascript-enabled browsersn/aStartedStartedNot Started
32User guideStarted
34Support HTTP Basic and Digest AuthenticationNot Started
35Selenium emulationDone for Java and C#
36Support for drag and drop behaviourn/aDoneDoneStarted
noneExample testsNot Started

A final release will be made once these are implemented in Firefox, IE and at least one webkit-based browser.

The Future

The following are also planned:

  • JsonWireProtocol — The formalisation of the current RemoteWebDriver wire protocol in JSON.

Preparation for Selenium 3

As of Mar 16, 2015 This documentation previously located on the wiki

User Visible Changes

  • Migrate all drivers to use the status strings rather than status codes in responses
  • Update client bindings to also cope with that
  • Write a new runner for the html-suite tests
  • Segment the build to remove RC

Clean up

  • Using WebDriver after quit() should be an IllegalStateException
  • Actions to have a single end point
  • Capabilities to be the same as the spec
  • Multiple calls to WebDriver.quit() should still be safe.
  • Clean up WebDriver constructors, pulling heavy initialization logic into a Builder class
  • Migrate to Netty or webbit server
  • Delete unnecessary cruft
  • Land a cleaner end point for the rc emulation

Preparation for Selenium 4

This documentation previously located on the wiki As of April 12, 2017

  • Finish the W3C WebDriver Spec
  • Implement the local end requirements for the spec in selenium
  • Implement protocol conversion in the standalone server
  • Ship 4.0