Legacy Selenium Desired Capabilities

These capabilities worked with the legacy JSON Wire Protocol

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See JSON Wire Protocol for common capabilities.

Remote Driver Specific

webdriver.remote.sessionidstringWebDriver session ID for the session. Readonly and only returned if the server implements a server-side webdriver-backed selenium.
webdriver.remote.quietExceptionsbooleanDisable automatic screnshot capture on exceptions. This is False by default.

Grid Specific

pathstringPath to route request to, or maybe listen on.
seleniumProtocolstringWhich protocol to use. Accepted values: WebDriver, Selenium.
maxInstancesintegerMaximum number of instances to allow to connect to grid
environmentstringPossible duplicate of browserName? See RegistrationRequest

Selenium RC Specific

proxy_pacbooleanLegacy proxy mechanism. Do not use.
commandLineFlagsstringFlags to pass to browser command line.
executablePathstringPath to browser executable.
timeoutInSecondslong integerTimeout to wait for the browser to launch, in seconds.
onlyProxySeleniumTrafficbooleanWhether to only proxy selenium traffic. See browserlaunchers.Proxies
avoidProxyboolean??? See browserlaunchers.Proxies
proxyEverythingboolean??? See browserlaunchers.Proxies
proxyRequiredboolean??? See browserlaunchers.Proxies
browserSideLogboolean??? See AbstractBrowserLauncher.
optionsSetboolean??? See BrowserOptions.
singleWindowbooleanWhether to enable single window mode.
dontInjectRegexjavascript RegExpRegular expression that proxy injection mode can use to know when to bypss injection. Ignored if not in proxy injection mode.
userJSInjectionboolean??? Whether to inject user JS. Ignored if not in proxy injection mode.
userExtensionsstringPath to a JavaScript file that will be loaded into selenium.

Selenese-Backed-WebDriver specific

selenium.server.urlstringURL of Selenium server to use, to back this WebDriver

Firefox specific

captureNetworkTrafficbooleanWhether to capture network traffic.
addCustomRequestHeadersbooleanWhether to add custom request headers.
trustAllSSLCertificatesbooleanWhether to trust all SSL certificates.
changeMaxConnectionsboolean??? See FirefoxChromeLauncher.
firefoxProfileTemplatestring??? See FirefoxChromeLauncher.
profilestring??? See FirefoxChromeLauncher

FirefoxProfile settings

Preferences accepted by the FirefoxProfile with special meaning, in the WebDriver API:

webdriver_accept_untrusted_certsbooleanWhether to trust all SSL certificates. TODO: Maybe in some way different to the acceptSslCerts or trustAllSSLCertificates capabilities.
webdriver_assume_untrusted_issuerbooleanWhether to trust all SSL certificate issuers. TODO: Maybe in some way different to the acceptSslCerts or trustAllSSLCertificates capabilities.
webdriver.log.driverstringLevel at which to log FirefoxDriver logging statements to a temporary file, so that they can be retrieved by a getLogs command. Available options; DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, OFF. Defaults to OFF.
webdriver.log.filestringPath to file to which to copy firefoxdriver logging output. Defaults to no file (like /dev/null).
webdriver.load.strategystringExperimental API. Defines different strategies for how long to wait until a page is loaded. Values: unstable, conservative. Defaults to conservative.
webdriver_firefox_portintegerPort to listen on for WebDriver commands. Defaults to 7055.

IE specific

killProcessesByNamebooleanWhether to try to kill processes by name, instead (or addition) to killing processes we happen to have handles to.
honorSystemProxybooleanWhether to honor the system proxy.
ensureCleanSessionbooleanWhether to make sure the session has no cookies or temporary internet files on Windows. I believe this is passed to the IEDriver as well, but ignored by it.

Safari specific

honorSystemProxybooleanWhether to honour the sysem proxy.
ensureCleanSessionbooleanWhether to make sure the session has no cookies, cache entries. And that any registry and proxy settings are restored after the session.
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