Documentation related to the legacy components of Selenium. Meant to be kept purely for historical reasons and not as a incentive to use deprecated components.

Selenium RC (Selenium 1)

The original version of Selenium

Selenium 2

Selenium 2 was a rewrite of Selenium 1 that was implemented with WebDriver code.

Selenium 3

Selenium 3 was the implementation of WebDriver without the Selenium RC Code. It has since been replaced with Selenium 4, which implements the W3C WebDriver specification.

Legacy Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE was the original Firefox extension for Record and Playback.

JSON Wire Protocol Specification

The endpoints and payloads for the now-obsolete open source protocol that was the precursor to the W3C specification.

Legacy Selenium Desired Capabilities

These capabilities worked with the legacy JSON Wire Protocol

Legacy developer documentation

Information of interest to developers of Selenium