Sauce Labs: A New Milestone with Selenium

Announcing a new Development partnership tier with Sauce Labs, celebrating our supporters!

Selenium has witnessed an exceptional year filled with expansion and progress. The rising popularity of Selenium’s Python Bindings is prominently showcased through the engaging discussions at the Selenium Conference and on LinkedIn. Concurrently, the Java bindings have reached a significant landmark, surpassing 100 million downloads. In addition to this, the community has managed to garner over 2.5 million active Selenium users monthly.

We could not have achieved Selenium’s 20th anniversary without the collective efforts of numerous volunteers and the invaluable assistance of a company like Sauce Labs.

In 2008, Jason Huggins, Selenium’s creator, established Sauce Labs, a company that has since played a crucial role in Selenium’s expansion.

Sauce Labs has provided a platform for the Selenium Project to display its accomplishments, including various keynotes at SauceCon. Here, figures like Simon Stewart and Jim Evans have been able to share their visions for the future of Selenium.

Financially, Sauce Labs has substantially supported the Selenium Project, sponsoring both the project itself and the Selenium Conference over many years. This backing has been instrumental in allowing the project to flourish.

Selenium thrives on collaboration, and Sauce Labs has been a vital facilitator. They have enabled the Selenium Project to host in-person events like the Test Automation Summit in Berlin in 2022. These gatherings have provided opportunities for members of the Selenium Project to engage with creators of different testing frameworks, fostering discussions on ecosystem improvements. Sauce Labs has also hosted Selenium Dev Summits, where the project’s future has been a central topic.

Sauce Labs contributions extend beyond financial support. They have significantly contributed to the technical and organizational well-being of the Selenium Project. Boni Garcia developed the first version of Selenium Manager while at Sauce Labs. Furthermore, several Sauce Labs employees, including Marcus Merrell, Diego Molina, and Titus Fortner, continue contributing to the Selenium project, driven by their passion. This passion is shared by Sauce Labs, enabling these contributions to be part of their daily work.

This unwavering support has nurtured a project governed openly, not by a single entity, but by the community. This model has welcomed diverse contributors, including Google Chrome, Microsoft, Apple, LambdaTest, Applitools, BrowserStack, and Mozilla Firefox teams. Together, they have developed WebDriver BiDi, the next generation of WebDriver.

The project’s open governance and collaborative nature have allowed continuous work on client bindings, particularly WebDriver BiDi, community support, documentation improvements, and maintenance of additional projects.

Sauce Labs has been an unnamed development partner for the Selenium Project for many years. With this in mind, the Selenium Project now shows its appreciation to Sauce Labs for their years of continued support by creating a new sponsorship tier called the Development Partner and naming Sauce Labs the first and official Development Partner.

Sauce Labs has Selenium in its DNA, and Selenium has Sauce Labs in its DNA. This partnership celebrates their shared history and future. We are excited to see what the future holds for both Selenium and Sauce Labs, and we are excited to continue to work together for the next twenty years.

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