Test Automation Summit Berlin

An event to improve contributions to and collaboration among open source WebDriver based projects

Have you ever wanted to contribute to an open source testing project, but couldn’t figure out where to start? If so, fill out this form to apply for an invitation to join the Open Source Test Automation Summit on August 26 in Berlin, sponsored by Selenium and hosted by Sauce Labs. You can review the list of available projects below and select the one that you’d like to contribute to. We’ll be in touch soon if you are selected to join us.

Update 7/22/2022: Application deadline is July 28! We’ll contact everyone by Friday, July 29.

This will not be your typical workshop. This will be a working session with one or more maintainers of a given project to show you exactly what you need to know to contribute to that project. Selected participants will be required to bring a laptop capable of executing Selenium tests, including a working dev environment for the applicable programming language.

This is a new idea we’re trying out, so space is very limited. If there is sufficient demand we will consider doing more events like this in the future.


At the end of the session you will be able to:

  • Build the project on your computer
  • Execute the existing test suite for the project
  • Write new tests for the project
  • Add a feature or fix a bug

Agenda (subject to change)

09301000Talk: “State of WebDriver Ecosystem”
10001100Lightning talks about participating projects
11001200Split into working groups and walk through projects
13001630Continue with working sessions
16301700Wrap up
1700Happy hour

Participating Projects

The following maintainers are will be present to assist you in working on their project:

Andrei SolntsevSelenide
Boni GarciaWebDriverManager
Christian BromannWebdriverIO
David BurnsW3C Web Platform Tests, Selenium
Diego MolinaSelenium
Filip CynarskiFluentLenium
Jan MolakSerenity/JS
Jani MikkonenRobot Framework
Nick MokhnachAppium
Ronald BrillHTMLUnit Driver
Simon StewartSelenium
Titus FortnerWatir, Selenium
Yevgeniy ShunevychAtata

Update 7/20/2022: Ronald Brill, maintainer of HTMLUnit Driver will now be joining us!

Update 7/25/2022: Yevgeniy Shunevych, maintainer of Atata will now be joining us!

Update 7/26/2022: Simon Stewart, creator of WebDriver, will now be joining us!

Other Projects

Do you maintain an open source project in the WebDriver ecosystem?
Have you written a test framework that uses Selenium that is (or you want to make) open source?
Please fill out this form (provide additional relevant details in the comments), and we will be in touch about future events.