IE Mode in Edge supported by IEDriver

Support for IE Mode in Edge with IEDriver

With the retirement of Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) later this year, the folks in Redmond have helped the Selenium project with getting IE Mode in Microsoft Edge working in IEDriver.

IE 11 is due to retire on 15 June 2022 for certain versions of Windows 10. After this date, the Selenium project recommends that you test your IE sites with IE Mode in Microsoft Edge. The Selenium Project will not remove support for IE 11 when it retires but we will not actively fix issues as we have done with previous versions of IE.

The Microsoft Edge team have committed to supporting IE Mode in Edge until 2029 when support for Windows 10 is retired.

Microsoft have written up all the details on how to use and how to migrate your site and we recommend you go read and follow their steps to make sure you’re ready.