Public Project Meeting - March 25, 2021

Continuing the series of bi-weekly public project meetings…

Continuing the series of bi-weekly public project meetings, here is the timeline of the meeting held on March 25, 2021,5:30 PM CET. (Below times are on IST)

Meetings are held on the #selenium-tlc channel on Selenium Slack.

Diego Molina 9:54 PM

Agenda for the public meeting:

  • General project statistics
  • Pending work that needs to be done for the third Beta?
  • CoC, next steps?

Please feel free to add any other topics

pinging @jimevans @barancev @simonstewart @AutomatedTester @titusfortner @harsha509 @luke @Puja Jagani and anyone else who wants to join

Simon Stewart 9:56 PM

Thanks for the ping :slightly_smiling_face:

Diego Molina 9:58 PM

forgot to ping @manoj9788 and @mmerrell

Marcus Merrell 10:00 PM

I haven’t heard back about the CoC work - last we left it, Karen was reaching out to Larissa

David Burns 10:00 PM

I will message Larissa now to see if that happened

Marcus Merrell 10:01 PM



I can make contact with her too, if you want to cut yourself out as the middle man I might be able to speed things up

around the conference, it sounds like the Holiday Inn in Chicago is undergoing an ownership change, and hasn’t gotten back to us about postponing to 2022 that’s as of last week

David Burns 10:02 PM

I’ve messaged her in the Mozilla Alumni slack

Marcus Merrell 10:03 PM

ok, thanks

Diego Molina 10:03 PM

Sounds good, so we covered one topic already :slightly_smiling_face:

So… General project statistics

  • Previous meeting: 202 open issues, 32 open PRs
  • Current: 178, 23 PRs

Simon Stewart 10:04 PM

That’s amazing work, folks

Diego Molina 10:04 PM

We are doing pretty well there, I went through many issues and asked if they are still valid. Depending on their reply we can close around 20 more in 2-3 weeks.

Most of the open issues are either feature requests, for the JS and C# bindings Perhaps we need to search for folks to give us a hand there

Simon Stewart 10:06 PM

We could absolutely do with more committers.

Diego Molina 10:07 PM

I will look for folks who have frameworks built on top of Selenium and see if they have time to give us a hand

Simon Stewart 10:08 PM

That’s a great idea

Diego Molina 10:08 PM

I’ve seen this one called Watir, maybe they can help us

Titus Fortner 10:09 PM

They have a slack channel I can ask

Diego Molina 10:09 PM

The original idea is from Titus actually :slightly_smiling_face:

Titus Fortner 10:09 PM

I mean, I cajoled Thomas from Capybara into helping :-D

we were down to one ruby labeled issue. This one we need some kind of decision on:

maybe it’s a wontfix and can be closed, or we can figure out the right thing and knock out the changes

Simon Stewart 10:11 PM

Send Keys in actions is really meant for individual key presses. But I guess we could decompose a more complicated set of inputs to individual key presses and releases

Diego Molina 10:14 PM

Would you like to dig deeper into the issue right now, @titusfortner?

Titus Fortner 10:14 PM

I was generally looking at the needs-discussion ones:

if we need a discussion to figure out what is the right thing, this seems like a good forum for that if we need more info we can push it back til next meeting, etc

Diego Molina 10:15 PM

Makes sense, I can definitely go over those issues and put them in the agenda for the next one, good idea

Titus Fortner 10:15 PM

but no, I don’t need anything specific from that one

right now just wanted to raise it since we haven’t discussed it before :)

if and when we get guidance I/others can implement it, but need to know what to implement :-D or I’ll make the Watir dev do it

Diego Molina 10:18 PM

ok, next topic

  • Pending work that needs to be done for the third Beta?

Things left in Java, Python, JS, Ruby, C#?

  • “se:cdpVersion”?
  • Can all bindings do CDP over Grid?

Anything else on the client side?

Simon Stewart 10:19 PM

I have local diffs with se:cdpVersion wired up properly in Firefox and Chromium-based browsers It’s a little funky, and I’d like a test around it before doing much more

Titus Fortner 10:20 PM

We have cdpVersion hard coded for Firefox and are getting browser version to automatically serve the right version to Chrome/Edge the endpoint would make a couple things easier :)

Simon Stewart 10:21 PM

I’m making the browsers return the cdp version and endpoint in the capabilities

se:cdpVersion and se:cdp respectively

Titus Fortner 10:21 PM

oh yes, capabilities not endpoint, I knew what I meant to say in my brain ;-)

Simon Stewart 10:22 PM

Ha! :slightly_smiling_face:

Diego Molina 10:23 PM

Ok now, Server side:

  • Enable retries of commands where necessary using failsafe
  • Pipe VNC connectors through the websocket plumbing for live video
  • Return CDP url by using the Grid url
  • CDP url for Firefox
  • Platform matching but when platform is Windows
  • Investigate: Grid gets stuck when screenshot is taken in a terminated session

this is what I have in my list, not sure if there is anything more

  • Platform matching bug when platform is Windows

Simon Stewart 10:25 PM

We should already be sending the CDP url for the Grid in Capabilities

And I’ve got the CDP url for Firefox in my local patches

Diego Molina 10:25 PM

ah, that is true

scratching that

Simon Stewart 10:26 PM

Hurrah! One step closer :slightly_smiling_face:

Diego Molina 10:27 PM

by looking at the download numbers and issues created after beta 2, which is not a lot… what is our overall feeling about beta 3?

let’s say, when most of features and bugfixes are done we release it or do we want to wait a bit more for feedback?

David Burns 10:28 PM

I think do the bug fixes and release

Diego Molina 10:28 PM

+1 to that

David Burns 10:28 PM

the “closer” we are to a full release the more our pool will increase

a “better” question… what do we need to get to a RC?

Jim Evans 10:29 PM

.NET doesn’t do CDP over grid right now. a refactor is required to make that possible. i have it in progress, but it’s not ready to get committe.

David Burns 10:29 PM

so we need ^ to get to RC what else?

Simon Stewart 10:29 PM

Oh. Yeah. RC backwards compat

David Burns 10:30 PM

I mean harder to get to points but wont stop beta releases

Simon Stewart 10:30 PM

I’d also like to properly clean up the java client code to strip out JWP support

David Burns 10:30 PM

and RC I mean release candidate

Simon Stewart 10:30 PM

But I think that’s going to be a hard thing to do

Diego Molina 10:30 PM

Simon using every chance to ship RC into Selenium 4 :smile: New

Simon Stewart 10:30 PM

We can do an RC once we think we’ve got all the features done

I suspect beta 3 may be our last beta, if @jimevans gets the time and support he needs for CDP over Grid

Diego Molina 10:32 PM

I am getting a new Windows machine, in part to see how I can help with C#, so expect questions @jimevans :slightly_smiling_face:

Simon Stewart 10:32 PM

Amazing! :slightly_smiling_face:

Jim Evans 10:33 PM

@diemol happy to collaborate.

Diego Molina 10:33 PM

I believe we covered all topics, unless someone has anything else?

Michael Mintz 10:34 PM

Full official release of Selenium 4 by year’s end?

Simon Stewart 10:34 PM

Even sooner

When shall we aim to ship beta3?

Titus Fortner 10:35 PM

I’m waiting for Simon to decide he has to rewrite the Java HTTP Client before we ship Se 4 ;-)

David Burns 10:35 PM

not next week as I am away but the week after maybe?

Diego Molina 10:37 PM

2-3 weeks from now would be realistic, I think

Simon Stewart 10:37 PM

Here’s the plan, then. We’ll ship beta3 when two of these conditions are met:

  • The .net bindings support CDP over Grid
  • We send se:cdpVersion in Capabilities and that’s also handled by Grid
  • Two weeks have passed

Sound good?

Diego Molina 10:38 PM

Sounds good to me

alright, that sounds like a wrap for today’s meeting… however, if anyone has a comment about what we discussed today, feel free to comment it here at any time

Titus Fortner 10:43 PM

Thanks @diemol!