Public Project Meeting - March 11, 2021

Continuing the series of bi-weekly public project meetings…

Continuing the series of bi-weekly public project meetings, here is the timeline of the meeting held on March 11, 2021,5:30 PM CET. (Below times are on IST)

Meetings are held on the #selenium-tlc channel on Selenium Slack.

Diego Molina 9:59 PM

Hopefully it will be a brief one :slightly_smiling_face: pinging folks for the public project meeting… @AutomatedTester @harsha509 @titusfortner @mmerrell @jimevans @simonstewart @barancev @luke


Agenda for today:

  • General project statistics
  • Anything new to report from the last PLC/SFC call?
  • CoC, next steps?
  • Pending work that needs to be done for the second Beta?

if you have any more topics, please feel free to add them

Titus Fortner 10:02 PM


Sri Harsha 10:02 PM


Diego Molina 10:03 PM

ok, let’s start slowly while people join… first topic is:

  • General project statistics

Previous meeting: 234 open issues, 32 open PRs Current: 202, 32 PRs


Again, really great work lowering the number of open issues!

Diego Molina 10:05 PM

What I see in the open issues, every now and then, is a few feature requests.

I think it’d be helpful to give some feedback on them at some point

Titus Fortner 10:05 PM

I need to remember not to add PRs until after the meeting :)

Diego Molina 10:06 PM

for now, I am closing a few feature requests because they are not aligned at all with Selenium or because no one has commented in over 1.5 years


ok, let’s move to the next topic Anything new to report from the last PLC/SFC call?


@mmerrell @barancev @simonstewart @manoj9788 @jimevans

Simon Stewart 10:08 PM

Nothing major. @mmerrell was going to chat with the SFC about the Coc

Diego Molina 10:08 PM

perfect, that was the next topic, CoC :slightly_smiling_face:

do we know what we can do to speed the process a bit? We had an incident in the past few days where a CoC would be helpful


Could we add the as a start and then iterate on it when the SFC has time?

Marcus Merrell 10:10 PM

that chat happened, and Karen is supposed to reach out to the contractor - I haven’t pinged her in a week, but I can do that

Diego Molina 10:11 PM

thank you, @mmerrell!

David Burns 10:11 PM

I think we can just copy what Sage did from their repos

Diego Molina 10:11 PM

that is also a good idea to have a place to start

David Burns 10:11 PM



and I think we can have the odd hour from Sage to process it since they work for the SFC now

Diego Molina 10:12 PM

I forgot about that, I’d say we can do that


what do the other folks think?

Simon Stewart 10:13 PM

I’m okay with that

Marcus Merrell 10:14 PM

I’m fine with it… I simply can’t believe it’s been a year

David Burns 10:16 PM

tbf… I could have pushed harder but since I am with ${employer} that can be hard to find time

Marcus Merrell 10:16 PM

I’m in the same boat, but it’s unreasonable that we have to push this hard as far as I know, we’re a top revenue driver for the SFC, and asking a lawyer to do an hour of lawyering does not seem unreasonable

but we aren’t in a position to make a big change here, so I’ll keep pressing where I can

Diego Molina 10:18 PM

absolutely, at least it feels that we can have a CoC soon by following this path

do you still have the docs Sage gave us, @AutomatedTester?

Marcus Merrell 10:19 PM

if we get that, do we still need to go through the SFC and everything?

David Burns 10:19 PM

I am sure I do

Diego Molina 10:19 PM

I think we still need an expert on the field to help us refine the edges so we are sure we have something good in place

Marcus Merrell 10:19 PM

ok, good


I just pinged KS

David Burns 10:20 PM

at worst I can take Sage’s repos and just cobble something together

Diego Molina 10:20 PM

perfect, that’d be great

ok, perhaps we can move to the next topic?

  • Pending work that needs to be done for the second Beta?

Titus Fortner 10:24 PM

we’re as good on grid as we’re going to get without changing the underlying http client, right?

Diego Molina 10:24 PM

ok, so this is what I have about that: Server changes:

  • Pipe VNC connectors through the websocket plumbing for live video (nice to have for Beta 2, not a must)
  • Return CDP url by using the Grid url (nice to have for Beta 2, not a must)
  • Allow timeout, cleanupCycle to be configured in Grid (this is about allowing users configure some timeouts, @Puja Jagani did a part of it already, the rest seems simple, but not a must for Beta 2)

Things left in Java, Python, JS, Ruby, C#?

  • Using se:cdpVersion

yes, about the http client, I’d say so, but we will know more after people use beta 2

Titus Fortner 10:25 PM

is there a reason we can’t release 2 right away and do the rest for 3?

there are a few things in the Ruby code I want to be able to start using

I’m assuming there have been enough improvements elsewhere to justify a new release?

Would be nice to have more smaller releases so long as code/tests are in a good shape

Diego Molina 10:27 PM

I also have the feeling that the major issue was the Grid memory usage, which we adjusted by having a single http client instance everything else seems to be small adjustments, some could happen for beta 2 and the rest for beta 3

Simon Stewart 10:27 PM

I think so

I’m fine with no getting the se:cdpVersion stuff in before we push the next beta


Also on my list before 4.0 is getting script pinning using CDP up and running

That feels somewhat gnarly

Diego Molina 10:30 PM

sounds good, so maybe let’s sync during the next days to see when we can release beta 2 (as in, when people are around to give their input as well)

David Burns 10:30 PM

It sounds like there is nothing left to do…

Diego Molina 10:30 PM

we need to fix the javadocs

David Burns 10:31 PM


Diego Molina 10:31 PM

(maybe that is the most important issue for now :slightly_smiling_face:)

David Burns 10:32 PM

definitely the most important issue

Diego Molina 10:33 PM

ok, I think that was the meeting for today, do we have anything else we’d like to discuss?

David Burns 10:33 PM


Sri Harsha 10:33 PM

we need to update JS doc too

Diego Molina 10:34 PM

true, while checking old issues, there are 3-4 we could close by updating the docs

ok, so let’s wrap today’s meeting with that, thank you everyone!