IRC channels are moving to

Moving to Libera.Chat

Yesterday, 19 May 2021, all the staff of Freenode, the IRC network, collectively resigned as staff because of what they felt was a hostile takeover.

Freenode has always been seen as the home of Free and Open Software, so it was natural that you could find us on the #selenium channel there. To maintain this openness, and inclusivity, we are moving our IRC Channel over to It is has been created by the team that previously maintained Freenode.

We are in the process of moving our Slack-to-IRC bridge over and hopefully the matrix bridge will be created soon so that we can have a free and inclusive project on the new IRC Servers. There may be a few hiccups so if you could bear with us.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me on twitter or on one of the chat protocols we support.

Finally, thank you to “Milen from Bulgaria” for helping secure the channel for us on

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