All Selenium downloads are now available on GitHub releases

We are happy to announce all Selenium are available on GitHub releases.

We announced on a previous entry our decision to move all binaries from Google Storage to GitHub releases. Today, we would like to announce that this work has been completed and all binaries are also available to be downloaded in each one of the releases we have done in GitHub.

In addition to that, all links on our downloads page have been updated, as well as all references to Google Storage in the Selenium code base.

Please note that all past releases will be available both in Google Storage and GitHub releases, but new ones will only be present in GitHub releases. We recommend everyone to modify your download scripts to keep all tooling up to date.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out through any of all the available options shown at our support page.

Stay tuned for updates by following SeleniumHQ!

Happy testing!