Selenium downloads will move to GitHub releases

We are moving all Selenium binaries from Google Storage to GitHub releases.

Thanks to Google, Google Storage has been the central place where we have been able to upload all binaries created for each Selenium release, and the place where the Selenium community can download them from. To do so, all people needed to do was visit our downloads page, find the release, and download from there!

The Selenium project hosts its source code on GitHub, and people who are familiar with GitHub know that they can go to the “release” page there to find any downloads for each release of a project.

Rather than hosting the downloads in two places, the Selenium project has decided to host everything on GitHub. We’ll still have links from the download page, but rather than pointing to Google Storage, these will now point to the downloads for each corresponding release tagged on GitHub.

All past releases will be available both in Google Storage and GitHub releases, but new ones will only be present in GitHub releases.

If you are a watcher of the Selenium repo, please note that there will be some noise in your inboxes. We need to create releases for old tags in order to upload the binaries to the release (as is the way GitHub releases work), and we expect to complete this in the next couple of weeks.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out through any of all the available options shown at our support page.

Stay tuned for updates by following SeleniumHQ!

Happy testing!