Public Project Meeting - December 03, 2020

Continuing the series of bi-weekly public project meetings…

Continuing the series of bi-weekly public project meetings, here is the timeline of the meeting held on December 03, 2020,5:30 PM CET.

Meetings are held on the #selenium-tlc channel on Selenium Slack.

Diego Molina 5:32 PM

So, things from the previous meeting

General project statistics

  • Previous meeting: 280 open issues, 62 open PRs
  • Current: 278, 60 PRs

Diego Molina 5:35 PM

here are the topics that we initially cover today:

Overall announcements? New people on committees, with the commit bit, etc?

Anything new to report from the last PLC/SFC call?

Pending work that needs to be done for the first Beta?

are we all around to start?

Simon Stewart 5:38 PM

@titusfortner @jimevans @p0deje @barancev @AutomatedTester @harsha509

David Burns 5:39 PM

I’m here

Diego Molina 5:41 PM

The first topic is: Overall announcements? New people on committees, with the commit bit, etc? I believe there is not much about this, right?

Simon Stewart 5:41 PM

Nothing from me

David Burns 5:42 PM


Diego Molina 5:43 PM

Maybe, just for awareness of the meeting minutes, for the ones who read them we are doing a survey that will help with the future of Selenium

David Burns 5:44 PM

We’ve had nearly 400 respondents

Diego Molina 5:44 PM

and Boni García replied to it with I have not read it yet

David Burns 5:44 PM

if you haven’t retweeted the survey, could you do that please?

Simon Stewart 5:44 PM

I hadn’t seen the reply

Diego Molina 5:46 PM

Boni is the creator of WebDriverManager and a JUnit 5 extension for Selenium I think he is a professor at a university in Madrid

Simon Stewart 5:47 PM

I’m glad WebDriverManager exists

Diego Molina 5:47 PM

Alright, maybe we should have a read at that document and report our findings :slightly_smiling_face:

So, probably we can move to the next topic: Anything new to report from the last PLC/SFC call?

I think there was one call a couple of days ago

David Burns 5:50 PM

Main question: did someone follow up on my CoC request?

I did email again

and mentioned it to @mmerrell

Simon Stewart 5:51 PM

Monday is my next Selenium day. If no-one has responded by then, I’ll chase

Diego Molina 5:52 PM

ok, probably we can move to the next topic and circle back to this one if someone has more information

Pending work that needs to be done for the first Beta?

This is what we wrote/discussed in the previous meeting:

Client facing changes:

  • Make relative locators return elements sorted by proximity
  • Fix Java Module System problems
  • Allow locator strategies to be pluggable
  • Enable fallbacks for commands

Server changes:

  • Enable retries of commands where necessary using failsafe
  • Get the Grid UI looking nice, and returning useful data
  • Allow locator strategies to be pluggable
  • Pipe VNC connectors through the websocket plumbing for live video

I have on me the task to map this list into GitHub issues in case they do not exist (I have not done it yet)

Simon Stewart 5:54 PM

I’ve made relative locators return elements sorted by proximity

Diego Molina 5:54 PM

is there something else to add? do we have an status update on any item?

Simon Stewart 5:55 PM

My plan on Monday is to look at pluggable locator strategies

Which will require fallbacks for commands

David Burns 5:55 PM

I’ve been working with the Mozilla folk to add bidi support for Firefox, there are bugs on their side that they are working on

Marcus Merrell 5:55 PM

I’m sorry, @AutomatedTester , I never received an email about it. I don’t know if there’s a list I’m not on, or if my address is wrong, or if it went to spam, but I don’t have it

I’ll be glad to follow up if I can get the info

David Burns 5:56 PM

@mmerrell I emailed selenium@sfc

Marcus Merrell 5:56 PM

Right… guess I need to verify that I’m on that

Simon Stewart 5:58 PM

You should be.

Diego Molina 5:59 PM

Which will require fallbacks for commands I am sorry I never found the time to check your branch and work on it

Marcus Merrell 5:59 PM

I haven’t seen any of the sponsor emails either… starting to think there’s a problem

Diego Molina 6:02 PM

ok, so I believe we don’t have any more comments for this?

Simon Stewart 6:02 PM

Not from me

(Looks like a short meeting today, he says. Jinxing it)

Alexei Barantsev 6:04 PM

as for the beta1, I’m going to add commands getAriaRole and getAccessibilityName and I call java api complete

Diego Molina 6:05 PM

perhaps the last thing to mention is that I have pending to fill out the table about who has access to the distribution engines (npmi, sonartype, etc…) so the idea is that I will make sure we all have access to all of them

Simon Stewart 6:05 PM

Speaking of which, we really do need to push a JS release

Anyone want to volunteer for that?

David Burns 6:05 PM

If it’s not done this evening I will do it

about to take youngest to ballet so will be out for a few hours

Alexei Barantsev 6:06 PM

I’ve enabled GitHub integration in sonarcube, so it should sync org members and provide access

Simon Stewart 6:07 PM

That’s nice

Thank you

Diego Molina 6:09 PM

well, so I think that’s it for this meeting, right?

Simon Stewart 6:10 PM

I think so

Diego Molina 6:11 PM

ok, then, thank you all!

Titus Fortner 6:49 PM

Sorry to miss; I was giving training. Also, I miss getting to travel for these; Zoom is just not the same…

Titus Fortner 7:02 PM

I haven’t looked, has the print pdf endpoint been added to all the bindings? I haven’t looked in past 2 weeks, but Ruby & .NET needs to implement FF Full Page screenshot, Java (.NET?) need to be able to tell Firefox to take a full Page Screenshot when using RemoteWebDriver Java & Ruby need to re-fix the STP browser name

Ruby stuff was on my to-do list, until my paid work job gave me a daunting task with a short timeline

Jim Evans 7:04 PM

.NET hasn’t added print-to-pdf yet.

nor full-page screenshot.

Titus Fortner 7:06 PM

on that note @barancev I couldn’t duplicate the Ruby Remote Firefox bug on Mac, and VirtualBox appears to be a disaster running on Mac because I can’t even get it to play nicely with a Linux install to test it there. NET read timeout is often a random network problem, but it looks like we’ve been seeing the error consistently, so I’m concerned about it being a real problem. @p0deje do you have a linux machine available to see if we can replicate locally?

Alex Rodionov 9:35 PM

@titusfortner Not really and frankly I don’t have spare time to set it up to investigate

Speaking of which, I’ll be leaving for a 1 month road trip next week and I won’t be able to do any Selenium work during that time. Likely till early February in fact. If there is anything I can do before that, please let me know.

Titus Fortner 9:39 PM

@p0deje when do you leave?

Alex Rodionov 9:40 PM

Next Wednesday

Titus Fortner 9:45 PM

oof, well I’ve been assigned to create and give 20+ hours of classroom training on Selenium for a client between now and EOY, and I have maybe half of that right now :) I should be more available in January to help, but I’ve spent more time with the Selenium java code than Ruby code recently, so I’m not sure how we have the DevTools stuff implemented. @twalpole what’s your availability this month? :-D

David Burns 9:49 PM do we have people to do releases for ruby with @p0deje away?

Alex Rodionov 9:50 PM

According to, a currently missing CDP stuff in Ruby is: Intercept network requests allowing to mock backend requests Bootstrap script Record traffic The first two I believe are implemented in Java so it should not be hard to redo it in Ruby. I might give it a shot this weekend. The latter I think is missing in all bindings. @titusfortner we can hop on pairing session and I’ll guide you through the code. Otherwise, it all lives in devtools directory

@AutomatedTester Yes, Titus can do releases

David Burns 9:52 PM

don’t forget that @rajendra can help, BS is a ruby shop so we can help

he’s been looking through the code for the devtools stuff and is working the print stuff

Titus Fortner 10:02 PM

I’ll have bandwidth to do a release, but not to dig through the implementations until January :)