Public Project Meeting - September 24, 2020

Continuing the series of bi-weekly public project meetings…

Continuing the series of bi-weekly public project meetings, here is the timeline of the meeting held on September 24, 2020 (times are on IST).

Meetings are held on the #selenium-tlc channel on Selenium Slack.

The next meeting will be on October 09, 2020, 4:30 PM CET.

Diego Molina 9:00 PM

So this is the proposed agenda, and @AutomatedTester has some more topics: General project statistics

  • Previous meeting: 334 open issues, 63 open PRs
  • Current: 281, 61 PRs Overall announcements? New people on committees, with the commit bit, etc?
  • Anything new to report from the last PLC/SFC call?
  • Pending work that needs to be done for Alpha 7?
  • Pending work that needs to be done for the first Beta?

David Burns 9:00 PM

I dont have more topic, I want to discuss some of those topics

Diego Molina 9:01 PM

I need to improve reading skill :slightly_smiling_face:

9:01 PM

OK, let’s start

Simon Stewart 9:01 PM

settles in

Diego Molina 9:02 PM

General project statistics Previous meeting: 334 open issues, 63 open PRs Current: 281, 61 PRs We are slowly cleaning the list of issues, more cleaning to come :slightly_smiling_face:

Simon Stewart 9:02 PM

Another 32 weeks, and we’ll be done (Well, PRs)

David Burns 9:03 PM

I think we should pat ourselves on the back. In February we had over 600 issues

Diego Molina 9:03 PM



Ok, next topic Overall announcements? New people on committees, with the commit bit, etc? I am not aware of any announcements…

Simon Stewart 9:04 PM

Not that I’m aware of

Diego Molina 9:04 PM

Ok, so probably the next topic won’t have any updates either Anything new to report from the last PLC/SFC call?

Simon Stewart 9:05 PM

Not from me

Diego Molina 9:06 PM

Perfect, so let’s jump to the next one Pending work that needs to be done for Alpha 7?

Jim Evans:black_medium_square: 9:06 PM .NET needs a fair bit of refactor for CDP i’m planning on taking all day tomorrow to look at that.

David Burns 9:07 PM

Oh that’s awesome

Simon Stewart 9:07 PM

The java code is in a releasable state, I think Though I broke a test in the distributor, so I may want to fix that before landing

Rajendra Kadam 9:07 PM

I am working on js cdp stuff

David Burns 9:07 PM

The python code for here is just me putting in the work to make the API not suck

Jim Evans:black_medium_square: 9:07 PM

once i get CDP generation redone for C#, i’ll be pretty happy with the state of the .NET code base.

Simon Stewart 9:07 PM

There’s the session queue PR that it’d be nice to land, but I don’t think it’s essential

David Burns 9:07 PM

@p0deje has the Ruby stuff done

Diego Molina 9:07 PM

I am reviewing @Puja Jagani’s PR about the session queue, it’d be nice to have it for the alpha

Simon Stewart 9:07 PM

@jimevans this is good news :slightly_smiling_face:

Jim Evans:black_medium_square: 9:08 PM

i do need to think about a “version independent API for CDP” for .NET

Titus Fortner 9:08 PM

Do we need cdp for alpha 7? There are a number of bug fixes from 6 to get out there

Simon Stewart 9:08 PM

I’d like us to have a fairly unified approach between (at least) java and .net for the unified CDP. Happy to make changes to the java tree to make that happen

David Burns 9:08 PM

The queueing stuff I think needs to be in the alpha so we can get it to nightly users

and then improve in the betas

Jim Evans:black_medium_square: 9:09 PM

@titusfortner i at least need to get that version-independent api done before alpha7. .NET skipped alpha6 altogether, because i suck.

Simon Stewart 9:09 PM

@titusfortner in the java tree, the new CDP stuff has allowed us to hook in a bunch of APIs. It’d be nice if those were in other languages too

David Burns 9:10 PM

but… feature wise after that we’re done right? I’m itching to get us out of alpha we’re not getting enough usage

Simon Stewart 9:10 PM

I think we’re basically there once it’s done How’s the UI looking?

Diego Molina 9:11 PM

Sounds like it, for Alpha 7, to summarise: CDP working across bindings Session queue in Grid

David Burns 9:11 PM

the UI is there, I think. We’ve fixed the main UI issues

Jim Evans:black_medium_square: 9:11 PM

i agree with that assessment. once CDP work for .NET is done, i’m considering it feature-complete for 4.x.

David Burns 9:11 PM

and that’s all in trunk

Diego Molina 9:13 PM

Great, I am not sure if there is anything else to add to the topic

Simon Stewart 9:13 PM

Other than a proposed date to release a7?

David Burns 9:13 PM

next week (no pressure everyone)

Jim Evans:black_medium_square: 9:14 PM

wednesday or after of next week. i’m sure i’m not going to get it all done in one day.

David Burns 9:14 PM

Thursday and Fridays are our normal release dates so that sounds good

Simon Stewart 9:14 PM

I’m going to make a decision to gate the release on @jimevans saying that .Net is ready to roll

Jim Evans:black_medium_square: 9:14 PM

to quote @AutomatedTester “no pressure” :slightly_smiling_face: we’re putting a stake in the ground saying a7 is our last alpha?

Simon Stewart 9:15 PM

With a hard stop-date of 2020-10-07 For java, yes And I think we have the most moving parts

Jim Evans:black_medium_square: 9:15 PM

(agreed as a7 being last alpha for .NET too)

Diego Molina 9:17 PM

Any comments from other bindings? @AutomatedTester @titusfortner @rajendra @harsha509?

David Burns 9:17 PM

I want us out of alpha so…

Simon Stewart 9:17 PM

@AutomatedTester we all want to be out of alpha

Rajendra Kadam 9:17 PM

working out for js, some tests issues, trying to fix those

Simon Stewart 9:17 PM

But we also don’t want to move “just because”

Sri Harsha 9:18 PM

JS is already in alpha 7, can we release JS npm with like alpha7-patch1 with CDP ?

Simon Stewart 9:18 PM

Bump JS to alpha8 Keep it simple :slightly_smiling_face:

Sri Harsha 9:19 PM

ok, Thank you @simonstewart

Diego Molina 9:21 PM

Does it make sense to discuss the next topic? “Betas”

Simon Stewart 9:22 PM

We can move on from “alphas” :slightly_smiling_face:

Diego Molina 9:22 PM

Like, having a timeline or something like that for Betas?

David Burns 9:22 PM

There are a number of issues that are “assigned” in the “in Progress” part of I think understanding which of those features are needed for use to move through the betas is important

Simon Stewart 9:23 PM

I have a pile of branches locally with changes If it’s in the 4.0 roadmap, that kind of suggests it’s needed before release If it’s not in the roadmap, we don’t need to worry about it (For the release itself) (We do need to worry about it)

David Burns 9:24 PM

so… I guess my request is, if you’re doing it, what can we do to get it sorted (like hand off to someone else) or if you’ve not started can you unassign yourself I think it would be good to get a clearer picture of where people can help

Simon Stewart 9:25 PM

I’m not actually assigned to that much

David Burns 9:25 PM

this is a comment to all of us really

Simon Stewart 9:25 PM

One code review, one “add support for retries to handlers” I’ve a local change that has the skeleton of retries written, as well as fallback URLs for commands

Diego Molina 9:27 PM

I’ve seen that one and wanted to check, but time hasn’t been on my side lately

Simon Stewart 9:27 PM

Join the club :slightly_smiling_face:

David Burns 9:28 PM

so part of my request really is knowing where I can help without having to badger you all I being me and my team

Simon Stewart 9:29 PM

Getting Grid rock solid would be really helpful I suspect we’re not really using ZMQ properly And if that falls over, we’re in trouble

David Burns 9:31 PM

we’ve engaged @adamgoucher and he seems Ok, but this is where I want to get more usage from betas and the grid is pretty solid we’ve fixed the main issues from browserstack at least

Simon Stewart 9:32 PM

One thing I’d quite like is a way to hook in SaaS providers to the Grid

David Burns 9:32 PM

and I would love to get a new alpha out so we can start using Jaegar more

Simon Stewart 9:33 PM

The Docker support also needs some work Firebase support and XRay would be nice for use in GCP and AWS Our HTTP client needs work: I don’t think reactor is really going to work for us


Every time I try and switch to it, there’s Yet Another Weird Failure

David Burns 9:35 PM

I am happy to get Puja involved here

Simon Stewart 9:36 PM

I think one thing we’d really love to demo is “deploying Grid to EKS” and seeing it start outputting information @Puja Jagani’s help would be amazing

Puja Jagani 9:36 PM

Would love to help!

Simon Stewart 9:36 PM

Awesomeness :slightly_smiling_face:

Diego Molina 9:36 PM

we can do that, it should not be hard :slightly_smiling_face:

Simon Stewart 9:37 PM

Getting a Kafka version of EventBus would allow folks to use other hosted infra, but I think that may be too much for 4.0

Diego Molina 9:39 PM

I prefer to see the Gird being rock solid at its core, and when that is the case, add the other things

David Burns 9:39 PM

augementing things like that is a definite post 4.0 item

Diego Molina 9:39 PM

for example, I would say we can tackle the redis backed distributor after the release

Simon Stewart 9:40 PM

I’m working on some changes to make the state of the distributor serializable Once those are done, I’ll be a lot happier with it

Diego Molina 9:43 PM

Great, I think those are the topics for today, is there something else?

Simon Stewart 9:44 PM

Not from me

David Burns 9:44 PM

I’m done

Diego Molina 9:45 PM

Thanks everyone!

Simon Stewart 9:45 PM Thank you, @diemol!