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October 9, 2013 by Tour de Dave

Selenium Hangout 2 Recap

This is a recap from the most recent Selenium Hangout (a.k.a. The World’s Best Selenium Meetup). For info on future meetups, follow them on Twitter.

Thanks to all who attended and tuned into the last Selenium Hangout where we talked about Selenium 3! Below is a write-up of the meetup, the video, and relevant links we mentioned. And to access all meetup videos you can go here.


David Burns (@AutomatedTester)
Dave Haeffner (@TourDeDave)
Kevin Menard (@nirvdrum)
Simon Stewart (@shs96c)



00:00 – 05:04

Goal and items for today’s conversation
Feedback review from last meetup

05:05 – 07:34

API changes
Gradual approach to phasing out Selenium RC
Support for Selenium IDE HTML Suite running

07:35 – 09:55

Selenium Builder, how it will replace Selenium IDE, and when

09:56 – 11:30

Firefox Driver 2 release (a.k.a. “M day”)

11:31 – 12:00

Tasks required to complete WebDriver W3C standard

12:01 – 14:30

Upgrade concerns for enterprise users of Selenium
Recommended watching: Jason Leyba’s talk at SeConf about upgrading Selenium at Google
Reasons why companies should make the jump

14:31 – 14:55

Why we need browser vendors to help
Why the W3C standard makes sense

14:56 – 21:40

Lessons learned and challenges found when a large scale practitioner upgraded from RC to WebDriver
Things they would like to see cleaned in Selenium 3
A nod in support of Selenium RC as a separate download
Simon attempts a joke

21:41 – 25:15

Other changes in Selenium 3
– all or nothing upgrade
– exception handling (changing from status codes to status strings)
– how commands are getting sent across the wire
– philosophy behind approach to Selenium RC approach

25:16 – 27:29

Mobile support in Selenium 3

27:30 – 37:05

Firefox Driver and Firefox OS
Recommended watching: Jonathan Griffin & David Burns’ talk at SeConf on Firefox Driver/Marionette
Creating a common set of Desired Capabilities
Recommended watching: David Burns’ talk at SeConf on adding mobile gestures to WebDriver

37:06 – 38:20


38:21 – 49:40

Brief history of Selenium project
Recommendation for RC users to look at the stable and brilliant new and shiny
Plan for Selenium RC in depth and rough timeline
Another recommendation to watch Jason Leyba’s talk at SeConf about upgrading Selenium at Google

49:41 – 50:45

Encouragement for folks to hop on Selenium IRC chat channel (especially if your question wasn’t asked/answered)
Recommended reading: Elemental Selenium’s write-up on what IRC is, how to use it, and how to connect to the Selenium IRC chat channel

50:46 – 51:45

Where to submit feedback and request topics for future meetups




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