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June 5, 2013 by adam goucher

A Smattering of Selenium #149

Too. Many. Tabs.

  • Internationalization and Localization Testing — yup, I agree.
  • 5 HTML5 Features you need to know – ‘download attribute’ and ‘datalist element’ might be a pain for us automators. Or at least cause a couple hours annoyance until we figure out the pattern.
  • Death to sleeps! Raise of Conditions! – expected conditions is likely the next thing to get more marketing this year
  • line_profiler and kernprof – profiling is black magic voodoo
  • Naught – ‘Naught is a toolkit for building Null Objects in Ruby.’
  • Replacing a substring of a string with Python – Raymond’s answers always simultaneously break my break and blow my mind.
  • When splitting an empty string in Python, why does split() return an empty list while split(‘\n’) returns [”]? – see what I mean?
  • So you want to build a framework – mine, but important. (I think.)
  • Locks, Actors, And STM In Pictures – ya! pictures!
  • Packaging a ruby script as an Windows exe using OCRA looks like something useful
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