A Smattering of Selenium #134

Hrm. Office is closed until Monday, but everyone is in.

Hrm. Office is closed until Monday, but everyone is in. Very confusing…

  • One reason I have heard people say they don’t use cloud instances is they are afraid they will just sit around idle when not needed. Behind the clouds: how RelEng do Firefox builds on AWS has some useful scripts to find and teardown machines.
  • Page Weight Matters is a fun little insight into how/why YouTube shed some of its heft. And a reminder that what we need is more stuff coming out of bandwidth starved regions since we have forgotten how to program efficiently in North America / Europe.
  • Usetrace looks like the newest player in the Selenium-in-the-cloud space. Seems to use the Python bindings as the scripting language and host the scripts too.
  • Did you know that you can modify the Se Server’s Grid functionality with plugins? Neither did I — or at least I don’t think I did… Here is a tutorial and another example.
  • The interesting part of Whose bug is this anyway?!? is ‘Your computer is broken’ bit. Oh, and make sure that build machine is updated to what your developers are running…
  • Modeling How Programmers Read Code is just cool.
  • Speaking of reading code; Code Reading. I wonder if you gave this to a novice programmer if they would approach the above link differently.
  • PhantomJS 1.8 “Blue Winter Rose” got lots of twitter love. As it should have.
  • Cooperative multitasking using coroutines (in PHP!) is, I think, pretty awesome just by the my inability to fully grok what is going on. I also have no idea how to use this for automation purposes, but it seems like there should be some usage for it somewhere…
  • So You Want to Write Tests is more mindset than code … but code has always been the easy part anyways.
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