Announcing Selenium 2.26: the “It’s Really Real” Release

It’s been a long time since we announced a new Selenium release on this blog…

It’s been a long time since we announced a new Selenium release on this blog, as we moved to a model of quicker releases, but we’ve been working on 2.26 for far longer than normal — it’s out! Download it now! — so I thought it best to let you know. We’re aiming to head back to faster releases, so hopefully you won’t see another blog post about the release for a while (though I’m sure they’ll appear in the “Smatterings of Selenium” posts)

Some highlights that you might be interested in, include support for the latest and greatest versions of the popular browsers out there (including native events on Firefox 16!), the deletion of deprecated methods from the language bindings, better emulation of user input on IE when dealing with “sucker fish” style menus, and a slew of bug fixes. There’s more in the changelog!

The inimitable Jim Evans held the Release Bacon for what has become one of our most challenging releases to do, so a big “thank you!” to him. A “thank you”, also, to the rest of the core developers and Sauce Labs team members who worked on fixing so many bugs and getting our continuous build green, especially Alexei Barantsev who did some amazingly detailed and painstaking work to help the release through. And a final “thank you” to our users: thanks for your feedback and support. 🙂

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