A Smattering of Selenium #75

And home. Which mean 100% more internets!

And home. Which mean 100% more internets! Or at least 98% more.

  • As things like native-driver become more prevalent, knowing how to do Continuous Integration for iOS projects with Jenkins CI will become more important
  • Chocolatey seems like a nice and big step towards managing Windows build slaves
  • SST (Selenium Simple Test) comes out of Ubuntu and has a quick introductory screencast.
  • Automate Salesforce Config Changes with Selenium is a contest. But only for Java so I have no interest in it. Submissions are due in two days. Could be fun.
  • cssify is a great little app for converting xpath to css. Now to see what sorts of devious xpath we can put in and blow Santi’s mind with bug reports. 🙂
  • Continuous Delivery with Bamboo Stages – I normally call these ‘chains’ but nicely shows how to chunk the march to production. It also cracks me up that the corporate twitter feed has the upgraded beer cart photo in the sidebar right now.
  • One talk I skipped at Codemash the other week was on Apple’s UI Automation stuff. I suspect this is the low-level implementation of things like native-driver which is valuable to have at ones fingertips.
  • While not automation related directly, if you are automating Android stuff you should also be looking at the Android Design site to understand the idioms and such that the platform thinks you should be using
  • The road to faster tests is a fantastic write-up of an investigation into why their scripts were so slow. I’ve been doing this a lot recently. Well, investigating slowness at least.
  • I actually got the above link from How We Reduced Our Rails Test Runtimes By 10x which is an even larger investigation write-up.