A Smattering of Selenium #127

Within an hour I had some more things to add to the last Smattering.

Within an hour I had some more things to add to the last Smattering. Oh well, I’ll just save them up…

  • Har-assert looks like something useful to include in your project if you are using Java. And the browsermob-proxy (which of course, you all are)
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 seems like something more people should care about.
  • Right. Here is another cool part of the nebulous, meaningless thing called HTML5. Using the PageVisibility API. Anyone want to take bets on how long this gets used for evil rather than awesome?
  • JUnit 4.11 is out. The link is to the release notes. The ‘test execution order’ stuff seems like bowing to pressure rather than good test design…
  • Why Averages Suck and Percentiles are Great is your monthly statistics lesson.
  • Alright, here is the challenge for everyone who wants to get involved in the project but is afraid they cannot code well enough. (If I can code well enough, so can you…) The docs can always use more people! And then we should get !se to work on via DuckDuckHack.
  • Test::Page is another helper for making Page Objects in Ruby
  • The first item in An impassioned plea to other Start-up founders to use automated tests is the only one that really holds any water. The rest, well, is showing the author’s developer bias I think. (The rest of his blog seems pretty good as well.)
  • RainbowDriver looks interesting. Though after the flurry around the Mobile Test Summit there seems to be no more commits…
  • The Shumway Open SWF Runtime Project Not sure how I feel about Shumway. On one hand, open is better than closed, but from an automation perspective, SWF is a pain
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