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November 12, 2012 by adam goucher

A Smattering of Selenium #125


  • Scripting batch 1: waiting for an email
  • Scripting batch 2: waiting for an email
  • Scripting batch 3: waiting for an email
  • Scripting batch 4: waiting for an email

Perhaps I’ll do something else right now…

  • Alright kids, its not the Olympics, but Curvy would be a fun app for someone to automate.
  • Wow that was fast. ├średev has started to publish the videos from this year’s conference. Lots of good things in there.
  • The right tool for the job! is one of my favourite rants. And one that catches people off guard when I mention it — ‘but you are a selenium consultant’…
  • Mobile apps still need automated tests. Yup. Of course, its not like the OS vendors are helping their developers to do this. Actively hindering them is more like it…
  • On Being A Senior Engineer. Somewhere, a newly minted ‘Senior QA Developer’ fresh out of school is having a bit of a cry…
  • Right. So how would Composition over inheritance affect the Page Object pattern. Or perhaps not affect, but what would that look like?
  • Hrm. Eclim might be how to make Eclipse not suck.
  • And while I am taking cheap shots at Eclipse … IDEs Are a Language Smell. Or put another way, Dear Android…
  • Someone (or someones) should do a time analysis of writing out scripts something like Where Does All That Time Go?. I suspect though that a lot of automation would be cancelled as a result though.
  • WonderProxy seems like it might be a useful tool. Especially if you are doing behaviour based upon where you are. Though wow it is annoying to be somewhere you don’t speak the language and have your language cookie ignored. cough google cough





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