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August 27, 2012 by adam goucher

A Smattering of Selenium #114

Hurray for having fillings done on both sides of my face. Don’t expect me to speak without drolling for rest of the day.

  • I’ll admit to not knowing what the difference is/was between FluentWait and WebDriverWait, but FluentWait with WebElement explains it well. With sample code!
  • PHPUnit + Selenium + php-webdriver = hours of entertainment (Part 1) shows a nice extension to PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase. Now if only he was using my active fork of the php-webdriver bindings rather than the original project Facebook seems to have abandoned.
  • Speaking of Facebook, Under the hood: Rebuilding Facebook for iOS is going to be oft cited in the whole ‘html5 or native’ discussions for the next while I think
  • Santi spoke at the recent San Jose Selenium Meetup; video, slides
  • On Failure and Resilience from Mike Brittain
  • Automatic Conditional Retina Images seems like something we should know how to check if its being loaded properly or not. Guess I need to go buy an iPad to check this out…
  • Puppet Labs updated some of their documentation recently; Puppet 2.7 Reference Manual, Factor 1.6 Core Facts
  • Reddit opensourced push which is yet another deployment tool. Remember though, you are likely not Reddit.
  • Hey lookit! The WhiteHouse uses Selenium. Though the scripts are Selenese. And named .php for some unknown reason. Actually, they look a lot like they were created as part of some sort of scaffolding. Anyone?
  • Not sure what to do with it, but Updated List Of Vendors In The Content Delivery and Transparent Caching Markets looks rather useful. Or not.
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