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July 31, 2012 by adam goucher

A Smattering of Selenium #106

In case you are curious, the train just went past my old neighbourhood.

  • Marionette – The Future of FirefoxDriver in Selenium is a project that has been hinted at here before I think, but this is its coming out party. Oh. And its the future of the Firefox driver. Now, what I need is an A-Team t-shirt…
  • FlynnID 0.2 changes its config format. I don’t play around with Grid much (at all) but I’ve been told that you need this if you are going to have Android devicii attached to the grid.
  • Geb: Groovy Browser Automation Tool – Part 2 starts out with a Page Object which is becoming the minimum standard for tutorial-esque posts
  • Proxy & Executor is the meetup talk I did at SFSe, SJSe and YYZSe over the span of 10 days this month. Slides, multiple video, notes, etc.
  • Hiss routes Growl messages through Mountain Lion’s Notification Center. I keep thinking I should use Growl for more things with my frameworks…
  • Cucumber & Cheese is not just about Ruby and Page Objects but how everything fits into the whole ATDD thing. Is likely Watir focused, but there are few people I would trust with this content more than Jeff.
  • Gargoyle is feature switching for Django.
  • Automate the install of JDK 5 on Lion and Mountain Lion seems like something that should be configured via Puppet or Chef or similar, but is geeky enough to include anyways.
  • Garzik: An Andre To Remember is not Se related, but is important for people to read and remember to have context. And to remember there is a whole world outside.
  • Python For Humans is awesome. I’d like the whole ‘… For Humans’ thing to catch on.





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