OperaDriver Released

I think the word that I’m looking for is “wow”.

I think the word that I’m looking for is “wow”. Perhaps “Wow!” would express the concept a little more clearly. Perhaps “WOW!” would be even clearer. Yes, definitely. “WOW!” is a good way of describing this.

Before Christmas, Opera Software announced a pre-release of OperaWatir, an implementation of the Watir 2 API. What you may not know is that Watir 2 rests on the same WebDriver core as Selenium 2. Today, Opera made the source of the OperaDriver available on github: https://github.com/operasoftware/operadriver

This is “WOW!” It’s the first time a browser manufacturer has released their own implementation of the WebDriver APIs, and it shows how much Opera values test automation. Selenium 2 users now have an easy way to test that their sites work with Opera.

What are you waiting for? Go! Download! Test!

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