Bug Bash Aftermath

What a week! I’m almost (almost!) sorry that the Bug Bash is over.

What a week! I’m almost (almost!) sorry that the Bug Bash is over. I’d like to say thank you to everyone involved in the Bug Bash, from those reporting issues, through those brave souls (Dharani, Anthony, Jari!) who went through the issue tracker, applied labels and made sure the issues were still fresh, all the way to those contributing fixes. And the top five bug fixers were?

  1. Jari Bakken (24 issues)
  2. Simon Stewart (21 issues)
  3. David Burns, aka: AutomatedTester (11 issues)
  4. Jim Evans (10 issues)
  5. Michael Tamm (6 issues)

Some interesting nuggets of information:

  • We closed 85 issues over the course of the week (that’s about 20% of all open Selenium issues)
  • There were 111 checkins last week alone
  • All of the major languages supported by Selenium 2 are represented here.
  • Jari Bakken needs to be bought a steak as big as his head.

What does this mean? It means that the next release of Selenium is set to be very solid. We’re going to be spending another week or so making sure that everything is stable after the influx of changes, but you can expect 2.0b2 to be out “real soon now”

If you missed the Bug Bash but still want to contribute, it’s never too late. Feel free to drop by the IRC channel, or checkout the source, find a bug and start building!

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