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November 21, 2011 by adam goucher

A Smattering of Selenium #68

Its been almost a month, so time for a flurry of Smatterings.

  • Maven has a bad reputation in some circles (ignoring for a second that you are using Java…), but should you be using it the QuickStart Archetype looks interesting.
  • Why Your Monitoring Is Lying To You talks about types of logging which are valuable both from a Continuous Delivery perspective and for checking the health of your application during long script runs.
  • I still maintain that they who nails QC integration with/for Se will get buckets of money from people. Here is one attempt at it: Quality Center Integration
  • Good to Great Python reads is I think now on my list of things to hand new (and seasoned) Python folks.
  • Test Harness Design Patterns is from 2005 but still interesting.
  • jacuzzi is superficial wrapper over RSpec + Capybara + Selenium test setup and execution
  • Because I don’t already have enough backlog on videos, the 2011 Jenkins User Conference videos are now online. Though behind a registration wall. I know why companies do this, but boo on you.
  • This is how you publish videos from a conferences – GTAC 2011. Note that this is how SeConf did it too..
  • Awesome Page Objects In Testing uses Bing as its example to explain Page Objects in Ruby
  • Ignore the Se-IDE suggestion, but Improving Your Drupal Testing Process has an ‘assumed to work’ list specifically spelled out. Too often this is not explicitly made — and agreed upon as acceptable risks by stakeholders





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